Sage Mountain Farm small share CSA Box contains a wide variety of Fresh Seasonal Produce. A small share will feed a family of 2-3.

SMALL - auto-renews - 4 deliveries $120.00 Price:
SMALL - 52 deliveries $1,248.00 Price:
SMALL - 26 deliveries $676.00 Price:
SMALL - 13 deliveries $364.00 Price:
SMALL - 8 deliveries $240.00 Price:
SMALL - 4 deliveries $130.00 Price:
Delivery frequency

A small share consists of 6-10 kinds of fresh, organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs delivered year around. A small share should vary from around 7-10 lbs in the spring to over 13 lbs in the late summer and fall. A small share generally fills the needs of two people with a vegetarian diet or a family of four with mixed diets.

Auto-renew payment will conveniently bill your credit card every four deliveries. No need to sign back up!

Sage Mountain Farm does our best to provide bountiful boxes of produce each week to our shareholders. Most years we have had great success but, at times, the vagaries of Mother Nature make our job exceedingly difficult and share sizes vary from year to year. By purchasing a share you are making an investment in our small family farm and, along with the potential for a great return, you are also sharing with us in some of the risks of organic agriculture. In general, things have worked out well for our members, but extreme drought, early and late frosts are things that we have little or no control over.