Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a typical CSA box?

A typical box contains over a dozen fruits and vegetables . Our CSA has more vegetables than fruit (just like the ideal human diet) but we do include some fruit. Lately we've had Strawberries, soon there will be some Stone fruit, and then some Pineapple Guavas.

How does the Sage Mountain Farm CSA program work?

Pledges. We have two pledge plans available for our CSA members. The Full Pledge, which typically provides a week supply of produce for a large family or 3-4 adults.  With a Full Pledge, you would receive 10-15 items each week with the content varying by season.

For smaller families, we also offer a Half Pledge, which provides a week supply of produce for 1-2 adults. With a Half Pledge, you would receive fewer items and/or a smaller amount of an item.

Generally, the produce will be the same in each box, just different quantities.

If I am vacation for a week, can I stop that week's pick up or does it count as one of my weeks even though I am out of town?

You can always cancel and skip a week provided you give us at least four days advance notice. We'll then extend your pledge a week.

If I pay with my credit card, is that a one-time payment or will you automatically recharge once my membership expires?

If you wish to pay by credit card we will only charge to it on your request. We never recharge a card without your consent. If for some reason you don't  wish to continue on after your trial period we delete your card info.

What forms of payment are accepted by your CSA?

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash of course.

What is the $10.00 annual fee?

The $10.00 annual fee is charged every year around the same day you first signed up. This yearly payment helps pay our CSA software.

Are EBT (food stamps) accepted by your CSA?

Not at this time. However, we are working hard towards being able to accept food stamps in the future, as we sincerely would like to be able to supply EBT clients with local fresh, nutritious, and organic foods.

Is it possible to see the contents of one of your CSA boxes?

Anyone can check out our CSA boxes at the Farmer's market locations, if they choose to do so and if a box is still available (not picked up) for them to see.

Hint: It might be a good idea to arrive early (before the members pick up their boxes).

We don't make extra boxes for display.

Could you please explain exactly how the every other week option works?

The every other week pledge is just an option to spread the number of boxes over a longer period of time. A 13 week every other week pledge will take 26 weeks to receive all of the boxes.

What's the difference between a CSA and a Co-op?

The difference between our CSA and a co-op is significant. A co-op generally will source it's produce from all over. This may include producers from outside the USA as well. The co-op is generally able to provide produce that is currently "out of season" in Southern California.

Our CSA provides produce that is grown only on our farm here. That means we are limited to the produce that grows here seasonally. We can't provide you with a melon or tomatoes in December. The produce that goes into the boxes is whatever is available for harvest in a given week. We do a lot of greens over the winter as that is what will grow here. The boxes will change significantly from season to season, as the weather changes.