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CSA Subscriptions


Sage Mountain Farm large share CSA Box contains a wide variety of Fresh Seasonal Produce. A large share will feed a family of 4-5.


Sage Mountain Farm small share CSA Box contains a wide variety of Fresh Seasonal Produce. A small share will feed a family of 2-3.


1 Time Trial CSA (from $30.00 )

Want to try out our CSA program without a commitment? Order a one-time trial box and see if a large or small box works for you!

EGGS! ($9.00 )

Chickens are free range and fed lots of certified organic vegetables!!

Gift Certificate (from $25.00 )

This holiday season give the gift of good food!

Ice Pack ($1.55 )

Purchase 24oz Ice Packs made by Uline for your CSA boxes to keep your vegetables cooler, use them during hotter months when there are greens in your boxes or use them all season.

PEACH JAM ($10.00 )

Wonderful Peach Jam made by The Jam Lady

Oroblanco Grapefruit 8 pound bag ($0.00 )

Oroblancos are a medium to large grapefruit that are a cross between a white grapefruit and an acidless pummelo. They have a savory sweet taste with a slightly thicker rind and flesh that lacks bitterness. Those that have sampled them describe the flavor as a grapefruit with the sugar already added.